Outdoor Classrooms – A permaculture based approach

This course is aimed to inspire educators on outdoor learning environments and share the many possibilities it offers to children. 

Course content includes the following:

  • Brief introduction to permaculture and permaculture education with children

  • The Beneficial Impacts of Outdoor Classrooms on Children’s Learning

  • Possibilities and examples of inspiring outdoor learning environments (including sound gardens, sensory spaces etc) How to change a regular kindergarten/school yard into a space of exploration.

  • Linking Designed Outdoor Learning Spaces with the Curriculum

  • Developing a Whole School Approach to Using Outdoor Learning

  • Starting and Maintaining a School Garden with permaculture principles

  • Real Examples of School Gardens. How it Looks and How they did it.

  • Planning and Designing a Unit of Work

Target group

This course is especially designed to give inspiration and new methods for people working with children such as kindergarten teachers, school teachers, directors, environmental educators, social workers who are interested in outdoor learning and would like to bring a wholistic approach to the children’s learning environments. Previous experience or knowledge on permaculture is not required.

Gaye Amus is a trainer who has taken the 6 day training course of  "Children in Permaculture-Outdoor Classrooms"  by Australian pioneers Janet Millington and Carolyn Nuttall.