New book Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share In Education: The Children In Permaculture Manual

The new book Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share In Education: The Children In Permaculture Manual, where Gaye Amus is co-author, is published.

Testimonial “Earth care, people care and fair share can serve as principles for all seasons and all professions. If incorporated into the lives of enough children, and the lives of the adults who care for them, this philosophy can change the world.” — Richard Louv, author of  “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder,” ,“Vitamin N” and “The Nature Principle”

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual is a ground-breaking book which shines a permaculture lens to inspire child-friendly, sustainable education. Full of innovative information, a new curriculum, hundreds of inspirations for activities, session plans, holistic pedagogy and reflection questions, this book will inspire educators to get outdoors and learn from nature. It is for primary, nursery and kindergarten teachers, policy makers, permaculture designers, Forest School leaders, Scout leaders, parents, carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who is interested in holistic education for sustainability and resilience.

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About the Authors

LUSI ALDERSLOWE has been engaging children in permaculture in formal, non-formal and informal settings around Scotland since 2005. As an international permaculture diploma tutor and permaculture teacher she has students around Europe. Lusi co-founded and led a unique outdoor playgroup and an after-school Forest School group. She is a mother of two, a Forest School Leader, a human ecologist and co-founder and coordinator of the Children in Permaculture project for the Permaculture Association and Gatehouse School.

GAYE AMUS is an environmental educator specialized in early childhood education and is based in Helsinki, Finland. She has had 12 years experience working in kindergartens including a Rain or Shine nature kindergarten in Finland. She is currently training educators internationally, contributing in conferences, giving seminars and consultation in nature pedagogy and outdoor education. Gaye initiated the nature movement for kindergartens and primary schools in Turkey in 2015 with Forest Schools and Forest Kindergarten Leader trainings. She pioneered and co-founded the Children in Permaculture project.

DIDI A. DEVAPRIYA, (a.k.a. Denise Deshaies or simply “Didi”) is a leader and international trainer in the Neohumanist Education movement, which aims to nurture an ecological, inclusive and compassionate worldview from the early years. She has directed nursery, kindergarten and afterschool programs since 2001 and authored the Neohumanist Education Early Childhood Curriculum for Romania. Didi has written numerous articles, and travels to train educators in Holland, USA, Lebanon, Australia and Italy as well as in Romania, where she has been based since 2005. She is also a founding member of the Association for Neohumanist Education in Romania.