Introduction to permaculture
– "Think like a forest"


A two day Introduction to Permaculture Course, held outdoors in the woods, provides you with an understanding of permaculture, the basics of permaculture design, as well as resources for learning more. The course aims to inspire and empower you to use permaculture design in your daily life by getting inspiration from the forest. It will give you  simple reusable tools for connecting with nature, learning from nature and making designs inspired by nature and it’s ability to create self- sustaining systems.

This course is a sensory as well as an intellectual one. We are in the forest as it is the perfect self sustaining system on this planet, and we will observe first hand how it functions, how it copes and survives, how it creates so much strength and resilience. 

This course is especially for teachers and educators as well those who want to be able to pass this on to their children.

The course will be taught using various methods such as group work and games. Content includes:

  • Ethics and principles

  • Permaculture design

  • An observation exercise in nature

  • How to observe nature (what can we learn from nature and how to make use of natural patterns)

  • An overview on how you can apply permaculture principles in your home, garden,apartment or school.

  • An overview of the permaculture network, ongoing projects, as well as how to find out more.

This course can be considered as a stepping stone on the path towards the in depth 14 day Permaculture Design Course in the future.